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Often couples wait until their relationships are on the verge of dissolution before they seek the support of a therapist.  If a couple has the tools to communicate and nurture each other many conflicts can be resolved before there is irreparable damage.  In a marriage or live-in relationship a couple faces a difficult adjustment including incorporating two lifestyles, two sets of values and expectations, and two communication styles, as well as changes in identity, living arrangements, and social experiences.  If transitions are handled well a strong, healthy, adaptable couple will emerge.


Prenatal Families

Whether it is the first child or the last, having a baby can be an exciting and joyful event for a family. It can also be overwhelming and lead to emotional and financial stress, struggles with identity, conflicts between parenting styles, and resurfacing of family of origin issues and/or couple conflicts.  With proper support and mindful preparation many of these struggles can be minimized or resolved.  


Postpartum Families

The addition of a child has an enormous impact on a family and results in a period of adjustment.  Often this adjustment is complicated by compromised physical, emotional, and mental health.  Whether it is difficulty adjusting, the "baby blues", or a postpartum mood disorder; proper support and intervention can have a profound improvement on family and child outcomes. 


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