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I have never done this before what can I expect?

After your initial phone call you will be contacted by the therapist to discuss your interest in therapy and how services may be helpful to you in reaching your goals.  You will also discuss whom in your family should attend sessions.  The therapist will then set up your first session appointment time.  In the first few sessions you and the therapist will discuss background information, the history of the presenting problem, and possible goals for therapy.  At each session you and the therapist will work towards the goals you have established and review the progress of treatment.  You are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions with the therapist throughout the process.


How do I get started?

Call the office at (585)484-9744 and either speak immediately with the therapist or leave a message and she will contact you as soon as possible for your free consultation.  In your message include a time that is best to reach you and whether or not you would like the therapist to leave a message at the number you have provided. 


How long is each session?

Each session is scheduled to be 50 minutes but the therapist may arrange longer sessions for special circumstances.  Family and couple sessions tend to run a full 60 minutes.


How often are sessions?

 Initially, weekly sessions are recommended to establish the therapeutic relationship, but the therapist and client(s) will establish a schedule together that is appropriate for treatment.


Do you work with children?

The therapist is pleased to work with children and accepts any ages from 3 and up.  Therapy will be conducted in a family format. It is important when children are being seen that the parents or guardians are involved in treatment.  Children may work with the therapist individually at times to facilitate a therapeutic relationship but will not be seen without the full participation of the parents or guardians in treatment.


Do you take insurance?

At this time insurance is not accepted. Insurance requires the labeling of a patient with a diagnosis that is not always appropriate for the therapeutic relationship.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Currently, Cash, Check, or Credit Card will be accepted at the beginning of each session.

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