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Support on your path through life


My practice focuses on providing comprehensive therapy services to individuals, couples, and families struggling with adjusting to life changes.  My goal is to support clients in developing nurturing home environments that promote the well being of all family members and the family system as a whole.  I am particularly interested and skilled at working with clients struggling with adjusting to being new parents, parenting issues in general, and issues facing the newly married.   I am a trained marriage and family therapist and will meet you and/or you family with openness and acceptance and work with you to achieve your goals through a collaborative and nurturing therapy relationship.

How can therapy help?

1140 Crosspointe Lane - Suite 4

Webster, NY 14580

Tel: 585-484-9744

  • Couples

  • Prenatal Families

  • Postpartum Therapy

You and/or your family will be able to address your struggles in a relaxed focused environment fully committed to you and your well being. This environment is designed to comfort you, allow you to center on your thoughts and feelings, and set obtainable goals with manageable steps led by an experienced therapist. Your progress will be monitored with compassionate accountability. The therapist brings a broad base of knowledge to help you address your issue from new angles and incorporating tested methods of intervention.

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